Your Zakat Can Help Create A Better Tomorrow

Your zakat has the power to transform the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. Contribute to their social welfare by giving your Zakat.

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Don't know your Zakat?

We’ve made it easy for you to calculate your zakat through our step-by-step interactive calculator. 

What is Zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and a form of Ibadah (worship) and an act of charity that is obligatory for all following Muslims. Zakat Al Maal allows one to purify their wealth, helps to promote social welfare,
and help those in need, ultimately empowering the community for a better and brighter tomorrow! 

Allah says in The Qur'an

“And establish prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah.”

(Al - Bakarah 2:110, Qur’an)

Who needs to pay Zakat?

Zakat is obligatory on:

Where will my Zakat go?

Orphaned Girls

Your Zakat for the orphans can help them to transform their lives

Syria Food Aid

Your Zakat can alleviate the suffering of families in Syria.

Lebanon Food Aid

Your Zakat can alleviate the suffering of families in Lebanoon.

Somalia Eye Restoration

Your Zakat will help people get their eye sight back in Somalia.

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