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The heart of Gaza beats strong even amidst chaos. Yet, every heartbeat echoes with an urgent plea for help. With your support, we can ensure that plea doesn’t go unanswered.


A Brighter Future For Girls in Afghanistan

Provide a safe place to live, education, and healthcare to girls like Zahra* at MyOrphanage

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Disasters and disease always leave children orphaned, scared and alone. It is our goal to protect and care for them so they can thrive. End the suffering of the most vulnerable.
Providing Food Aid to Syrian Families in Need
Providing Essential Groceries and Medical supplies to Families in Need
Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for orphaned girls in Nuristan, Afghanistan
Creating a brighter future for orphaned girls in Logar, Afghanistan
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About IISNA World Aid

IISNA World Aid is an Islamic charity and an initiative of MyCentre operating from Melbourne, Australia. Our objective is to put out a helping hand in our fellow human’s time of need, just as Allah has instructed us. IISNA World Aid is committed to helping those in need through strong projects with meaningful results. We are on a humanitarian mission to End the Suffering of the most Vulnerable and Build a Better Tomorrow.

Bringing Hope and Relief across Oceans

Since 2004, IISNA World Aid has impacted lives in numerous countries, providing vital humanitarian aid and support to the most vulnerable and communities in need.

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Transforming lives and communities through meaningful and impactful projects and services that makes a difference
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Earn ongoing charity (Sadaqa Jariya) while being a part of raising the next generation.